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The Loneliest Whale really exists! He's out there looking for his family right now.


Below you will find lots of information on the real Loneliest Whale.

BBC Earth

Want to hear the Loneliest Whale and find out how he got his name?

"It's been nicknamed "the loneliest whale in the world". It sings a song like no other. Some say it wanders alone across the Pacific Ocean, crying out for companionship that never comes."

Click the header above to hear clips of the whale and to read the whole story.

52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale​

52: The search went on a mission to find the Loneliest Whale.


"A team led by Director Josh Zeman and expert marine scientists Dr. John Hildebrand (SIO), Dr. Ana Sirovic (SIO), and Dr. John Calambokidis (CRC) hit the great Pacific Ocean in search of the mysterious whale."

Their documentary film, 52: The Mystery of the Loneliest Whale, will be out this fall.


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